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Does your Cat / Dog Hate taking a bath? Are you always juggling the shampoo and the brush and hose?
Our Woof Huggies Spa Brush Combo makes washing your best buddy so much easier!! No more fumbling the shampoo, brush and the hose while trying to hold your buddy so he / she doesn't jump out of the tub and try to run away.

✔ OUR WOOF HUGGIES SPA BRUSH COMBO DISPERSES SHAMPOO THROUGH SPECIALLY  DESIGNED HOLE ON THE SCRUBBING SURFACE: This excellent 3-in-one grooming tool helps wash up cats or dogs with short and medium coats. This brush also works great for short-haired dogs that shed. It easily lifts and removes dead hair while helping soap extend into the hair root. Pet’s love the massage as the shampoo rubs into their fur.

✔ ADD SHAMPOO INTO THE CAVITY ON THE TOP PART OF THE BRUSH. Stop running around in circles trying to get your dog groomed. Bath time can actually become a fun experience when this dog brush is used. The flexible rubber bristles remove loose hair and dirt, while gently lathering the dog’s coat without causing it any discomfort.

✔ HELPS MAINTAIN A SOFT COAT AND MOISTURIZED SKIN: The round teeth improve blood circulation while an ergonomic shape helps for comfort and ease of use to prevent wrist and hand strain. This design optimizes comfort and control while shampooing your pet. With regular use, matting will be a thing of the past.

✔ PROMOTES HEALTH AND WELL BEING: The soft rubber teeth penetrate through the top coat to the skin where gentle massaging action stimulates the production of natural oils in the dog's skin to keep the coat sleek and shiny. Use this brush for cleaning sensitive areas like the ears and paws.