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Aussie Tools™ Cordless Paint Sprayer (X2 Batteries Included)

Save Time and Effort! ⏰  


Brushing – at 10 mins a side, 50 sides would take just over 8 hours, with no breaks or dinner. It would be more like a day and a half on a real job because you would get fed up with painting doors on the first day around 3 o’clock.

Electric Paint Spraying – at 30 seconds a side, they would take 25 minutes. Even if you decided to have a break halfway through, they would take less than an hour.

This is 16 times faster. We know this is hard to believe. This just shows that if the conditions are good for spraying, then the speed can go through the roof!


How Is It Beneficial? 🏡

This investment changes the game. It saves you thousands of dollars and makes painting way easier than the old-fashioned methods.

This new technology spreads the paint evenly and covers large spaces quickly. Say goodbye to the hard work, time, and mess of the old ways of painting – this is your chance to move forward!

Experience Hassle-Free Painting Satisfaction

Equipped with a high-resolution LED display, you can effortlessly customize the paint flow and spray intensity, ensuring consistent coverage while avoiding any unwanted overspray. Experience the joy of having full control over your painting technique, as our paint gun empowers you to achieve remarkable results with ease and confidence. No more guesswork or frustration - just effortless painting and consistently stunning outcomes.

  • Wireless Freedom - Rechargeable battery, hours of uninterrupted painting power
  • Durability and Longevity - Crafted with high-quality materials & built to withstand frequent use
  • Adjustable Nozzle - Multiple spray patterns for versatile painting options
  • Rechargeable Battery - Convenient and uninterrupted painting

Save Significant Time and Effort

It's a game-changing investment that not only saves you money but significantly reduces the hassle associated with traditional painting methods. Our cutting-edge high-pressure technology guarantees an even distribution of paint, effortlessly covering large areas in a fraction of the time. Don't let the burden of the time, physical effort or mess of traditional painting methods, hold you back any longer!