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BikePro Riding Gloves (Half-Finger)

"They are the MOST COMFORTABLE gloves I have ever used. I have been cycling for 40 years+, ouch, I am getting old, lol. I have raced competitively, I am a licensed coach, and I have been through all the name brands and price points. These simply are comfortable and great to wear. I give it 5 stars due to all that."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Paul O
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In the realm of cycling, the pursuit of the ideal ride can frequently be tarnished by discomfort and fatigue. Hours spent clutching handlebars on uneven terrain can result in hand strain, numbness, and even handlebar palsy, casting a shadow over the sheer delight of the journey. This persistent ache coursing through the palms breeds discouragement and frustration.

Introducing BikePro Riding Gloves, the innovative solution that redefines the cycling experience. These gel-padded half-finger gloves are meticulously engineered to absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a newfound level of comfort and control during the rides. With BikePro Riding Gloves, savor every moment of the journey free from discomfort, and fully immerse in the exhilaration of the ride.



FATIGUE RELIEF: Elevate the cycling experience with BikePro Riding Gloves' thickened 5mm gel palm pad construction. Seamlessly absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth, fatigue-free journey.

BREATHABLE COMFORT: Crafted with high elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric, BikePro Riding Gloves cycling gloves envelop the hands in a breathable embrace. Experience cooling comfort even during intense cycling sessions.

PRECISION GRIP: BikePro Riding Gloves boasts an innovative anti-slip design that maintains a secure grip. Effortlessly navigate twists and turns, enhancing control and confidence while cycling.

HUMANIZED DESIGN: BikePro Riding Gloves is designed with comfort fitting in mind. The hook and loop fastener combined with the V-shaped design provides the ultimate fitting comfort to the hands.
ENDURING STYLE: BikePro Riding Gloves combines unbeatable functionality with style. These gloves are a statement of commitment, ensuring the ride in unmatched comfort and elegance, every time.

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We understand the frustration of gripping handlebars through uneven terrain, the numbing discomfort that plagues your cycling adventure. Imagine cruising down a scenic trail, the wind in your face, yet your hands ache, disrupting the harmony of the experience. Recent studies show that nearly 70% of cyclists experience hand fatigue during their rides, diminishing the joy of cycling adventures.

Thankfully, BikePro Riding Gloves is the perfect companion offering a remedy to the discomfort that has long plagued the journeys. With its advanced gel-padded design, it ensures a comfortable and controlled ride, even on the roughest terrains. Embrace the freedom to fully immerse in the exhilaration of cycling, knowing that BikePro Riding Gloves enhances not just the ride but also the overall quality of life.


✅ Measurement: Please refer to size chart
✅ Net Weight: Approx 0.15 lbs (68 g)
✅ Material: Lycra, Knitted Mesh, 5mm Gel Pads


✅ (1) Pair of BikePro Riding Gloves (Half-Finger)



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