Kids Bluetooth Music Headband


Introducing our new Kids Bluetooth Music Headband‚ĄĘ¬† - Revolutionary new kids wireless¬†soft headband headphones!

These headband headphones are the perfect choice for kids who prefer not to use earbuds or find bulky in-ear headphones uncomfortable, especially during plane travel. With a choice of 10 delightful characters and vibrant colours, these headband headphones are a hit among kids of all ages. They are adjustable and stretchy so one size fits all (Head circumference 50cm - 72cm, usually 3+ years). Please note these headphones are designed to be a very loose fit for extra comfort. 

Say goodbye to tangled cords! Our Bluetooth-enabled headband headphones offer seamless connectivity with any Bluetooth device, making them ideal for hassle-free entertainment during long flights.

Comfort is a priority, and our soft and washable headband ensures a cosy and snug fit. Unlike traditional headphones, our slim speakers have a maximum volume limit of 104dB, ensuring the safety of young ears. No more uncomfortable earbuds or oversized headphones!

These headband headphones go beyond comfort and are also an excellent choice for children with sensory challenges or sensitive ears, providing a soothing embrace that helps block out the noise and distractions of air travel. They create a peaceful sanctuary, allowing kids to enjoy their favourite entertainment and promoting better self-regulation during the journey.

Whether on a car ride or during a flight, our comfortable and elastic headband stays in place without interfering with car seat headrests or airplane seats, ensuring that your child can have a restful and enjoyable travel experience.

And here's an added bonus - these headband headphones can be pulled down over the eyes, transforming into a cosy sleep mask for nap time on the plane. It's a multifunctional accessory that offers relaxation and promotes restful sleep during long flights.

Upgrade your child's audio experience with our Kids Bluetooth Music Headband today!


Package includes:
1 Bluetooth compatible headphones headband
1x USB charging cable

Frequency range: 2.4026GHz-2.480GHz

Transmission distance: more than 20 metres

Speaker power: 10mW x2

Signal-to-noise ratio: 104dB

Function: previous song, next song, volume up, volume down, play, pause, answer a call, make a call, activate SIRI, microphone intercom

Playtime: 6 hours (tested at 100% volume on iPhone)

Talk time: more than 7 hours

Standby time: more than 260 hours (actual test)  

Please note that for hygiene reasons these headphones cannot be returned. Please check the measurements carefully before purchasing. 

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