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Rotating Tripod Sprinkler

Effortlessly nurture your garden with our elegant and efficient sprinkler, offering a customisable spray area that allows you to water precisely where your plants need it most.

Ideal for cooling down small areas during hot summer days, the 360-degree rotating spray requires no additional equipment. With an extra-large coverage area and circular, multi-pattern spray, this misting system is perfect for lawns, gardens, flowers, or vegetables.


Adjustable to cover specific areas and reach surrounding plants, this sprinkler boasts "whisper-quiet" performance. Its adjustable coverage area ranges from partial to a full-circle spray, ensuring comprehensive watering tailored to your garden's unique layout.

Experience quiet operation and reliable performance with the durable turbo gear drive. The robust duty tripod construction adds stability and longevity to your watering routine.


Connect with ease using the 16mm quick connector and 1/2-inch female thread, making this sprinkler a hassle-free solution for all your watering needs. Enjoy the convenience of efficient garden care with this versatile and durable sprinkler system.

Beat the heat on scorching days with the mist function, providing refreshing relief while you grill, garden, or entertain outdoors. Versatile and adjustable for varying heights, this sprinkler proves useful in a multitude of situations, ensuring your garden gets the care it deserves.



✅ It is adjustable for varying heights & can be useful in many instances. 

✅ Quiet operation with durable turbo gear drive.

✅ Robust duty tripod construction provides durability and stability.

✅ Misting system is ideal for cooling down small areas during hot summer days.

✅ 360-degree rotating spray without any other added equipment Coverage Area : Extra Large, Coverage Type : Circular, Multi-Pattern.

✅ Water lawns, gardens, flowers, or vegetables with ease.

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✅ Connection size 16mm Quick connector, 1/2 inch female thread

✅ Working Pressure: 1.5-3.5 kg

✅ Water flow:550 L/H

✅ Spray radius: 6-12m

✅ Threaded quick connector(3/4“):

Instructions for use:
1. This interface is a standard pacifier interface, which can be directly inserted into water pipes of different sizes
2. If it is directly connected to the water pipe, it is best to use an inner diameter of 16mm, put it on and tie it tightly
3. There is no size requirement for quick connection



  • Please allow slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement.

  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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